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"Your customer service was very helpful, considerate and informative on how things may transpire."

Laurie B. - Omaha, NE

"I am very happy that we used your firm to help us; I cannot sing your praises highly enough.  With all the firms out there on the internet with more “flashy” and sophisticated websites, I couldn’t be happier that we chose you.  Your friendly and responsive communications won me over and has been very much appreciated throughout our transaction."

Robert C. - Tallahassee, FL

Healthy Server Offsite Backup Preferred Partner

A and D Data Recovery also offers backup solutions through Carroll-Net Inc.

A&D Data Recovery


A&D Data Recovery has the country’s top skilled technicians that specialize in recovering critical data from all types of systems.  Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to recover your data using the most efficient and cost affective methods available.  Specializing in mechanically failed hard drive recoveries we have developed the skills and techniques necessary, not to rely on software to recover your priceless data.
After recovery we have the ability to verify the integrity of your data.  Whether you have pictures, office documents, accounting, SQL, Exchange, or Access database files we will make sure the data you need is there and working.  In a nutshell if it can be recovered we can recover it!


Data Recovery:  Individuals and Businesses


Whether you are an individual or a business our team of skilled technicians have the capabilities needed to recover your data.  At A&D Data Recovery we have strict security polices to protect your privacy.  All data is considered confidential and never released to third parties.


Data Recovery:  Types


A&D Data Recovery has the ability to recover data from all different types of media, including, Laptops, Desktops, External drives, RAIDs, Flash Drives, Memory cards, CD/DVD, and many others.


If your Laptop, Desktop, or External drive fails for any of the following reasons you should seek professional help from a data recovery service, such as oursJ


§         Clicking drives

§         Drives that do not spin

§         Unrecognizable drives

§         Unmountable boot volume

§         Fire drives

§         Water damage

§         Accidental deletion of data

§         Reformatted drives

§         Virus attacks

§         Lost or inaccessible partitions

§         Windows asks to format


Our Exceptional Data Recovery Advisors are on call 24/7J  If the need for your data is time critical, Priority Service is available.


For a free quote please call 888-364-3817.


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